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2010 – The year that changed everything!

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

It came from nowhere and built up like a hurricane, manifested itself with immaculate force like nothing ever had in the past.

Changed my perceptions into reality & everything around it, humbled every belief of my supremacy and taught me that life, luck, power, money, businesses and most importantly relationships are Cyclical and only thing that stands the test of all the cycles is personal values, true beliefs, real friends (if you have 3 you are lucky), family (parents & younger brother) and most importantly inner strength, personal motivation and the will to fight.

Putting what Year 2010 means to me in simple words would be undermining its supremacy and the effect it will have to define my legacy and its learning’s that changed my perspective on friendship’s, relationships, life, material possession and most importantly to have built an uncanny the ability to filter noise.

Human strength to fight against all odds is usually read and heard about in books – I am living it.

To recognize what’s important and to know, who you are especially when everything you thought make you who you are vanishes into thin Air!

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